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Light Guide Systems™ Benchmarking Study at Chrysler Academy Demonstrates Results

The study, performed in August 2014 by OPS Solutions at Chrysler’s World Class Manufacturing Academy (WCMA), compared the effectiveness of paper-based Standard Work Instructions (SWIs) and the OPS Solutions’ Light Guide System of visual workflow and auto-confirmation.  The benchmarking was performed on both an assembly process and a logistics process.  Both the paper-based SWI and Light Guide had a chance to be first and thus normalized for any learning curve effects. The results are clear: when processes were enabled by Light Guide Systems, there were significant improvements in quality, cycle time and throughput.

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Shining Light on the Entrepreneurial Path

Michael Rogers, vice president communications with the Small Business Association of Michigan, talks with Paul Ryznar, president and CEO of OPS Solutions LLC, on the entrepreneurial challenge of expanding into new markets. Light Guide Systems--proprietary software and high-powered projector systems to guide and confirm completion of complex tasks--was originally developed for automotive manufacturing environments, but is now being translated into a variety of other industries and uses, including other manufacturing environments (aerospace, heavy equipment, agricultural equipment, etc.) training situations and even medical uses.

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