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Light Guide Systems™ Drives Better Operational and Financial Results

Our Light Guide System replaces traditional text-based, manual work instructions with intuitive, visual guidance projected right onto the work itself --- driving quality, productivity, throughput improvements and tooling cost reductions that deliver high ROI and short payback periods.  Just “Light, Guide, and Go!” for step function improvement in operational and financial results.

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OPS Solutions to present Light Guide Systems at the 2014 MANUFACTURING IN AMERICA Symposium – March 19th and 20th at Ford Field in Detroit, MI

OPS Solutions will present our award-winning, patented Light Guide Systems, visual workflow systems that drive improvement in productivity, quality, throughput, and capital avoidance.   At our session, “Light Guide Systems for Visual Work Instructions and Error-Proofing – Augmenting Reality on The Plant Floor” you will learn about Light Guide Systems first hand, with case studies on material handling and logistics, product assembly, quality and inspection, and training.

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